Thursday, 18 March 2010

keyhole cichlid

keyhole cichlid, originally uploaded by werewegian.

So I'm back with fish-keeping as a hobby. Alan and I began keeping fish in the 1980s and at one time had five tanks on the go before giving it up when we moved to our present house nine years ago. This new aquarium is only two weeks old so conditions are not yet ideal. Hopefully I'm not falling into the "run before I can walk" syndrome.

This is a Keyhole Cichlid, a fish I successfully bred a long time back. Others in the tank so far - leopard danios, harlequins and x-ray tetras. It's a big tank so there is scope for many more. I just have to remember to take my time with that.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

spring trumpets

spring trumpets, originally uploaded by werewegian.

Photographed these lovely crocuses in Victoria Park today. I work completely on manual and it paid off :)

sunshine crocuses, originally uploaded by werewegian.

spring sparklers, originally uploaded by werewegian.